A Journey Through Time 

A journey through the Cemetery is a journey through history, over a span of 150 years. It is the story of the people of Sheffield: their struggles, their strengths, their poverty, their wars. During the Cemetery’s lifetime, great social and political change swept through Britain - and the world. The residents of our Cemetery were caught up in those events. And now they have, unknowingly, become actors playing their part in the unfolding of this history. Their real lives will provide an insight into the drama of the past.

There are some common themes that link the story of the Cemetery. They are:

  • Social Conditions – that determined the way people lived and the way people died.

  • Divisions – that dictated the roles and status of men and women, religions and cultures.

  • Symbols – the cemetery’s gravestones, monuments and architecture that reflected the beliefs and attitudes of the time.