Let us sway to the dark side and allow our historian, Hilary McAra, to take us on a fiendish fortnightly journey through Sheffield General Cemetery’s more scandalous and gruesome past.


I Am Off My Head.

An edition of the Sheffield Telegraph in 1914 tells the sad story of a young man – a silversmith from London - who killed himself in Endcliffe Park. The young man, who was lodging on Sharrow Vale Road, was known to be an athlete and ‘of a bright disposition’. He had, however, complained of headaches and had said ‘these pains will drive me mad’.

His body was found close by the wall which divides the park from the Hallamshire tennis club. His throat was cut.

In his pocket was found a photograph of his sister and another of a friend. On the back of one of these was written ‘I am off my head’.

The man was buried in the Cemetery on the 12th March 1914.